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Re: OT about Asus, was Re: What is the point of RAID?

Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
 > A properly designed board should not die of anything intrinsic, except
perhaps from leaking electrolytic capacitors after about 15 years or so.
Of course, in that time it may have been exposed to static discharge or
power surges but that's the fault of either the person opening the case
or a faulty power supply.

More or less the point I wanted to make.  I have a 26-year-old IBM PC XT
that still boots and runs.  The hard disk is dead, but the 360k floppies

You asked in a different thread about which board I would buy.  I think
I have already changed my mind.  I like Asus, DFI, Gigabyte, Tyan, and
MSI, right now, but note:  They are nothing more that the current crop
of boards.

The current crop of boards is a marketing-driven thing.  You don't get
the best board, anymore, you get what the industry has decided to give you.

Like the color coordination of clothing, or the artificial flavor of the
month, motherboards are no longer a tech-driven item.  The engineers
design what the sales department tells them to.

They are only intended to last appx. three years.  (2-3 release cycles.)

Mark Allums

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