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Re: Switching from Etch to Lenny - help me assess the risk.

Ramasubramanian Ramesh wrote:
> All,
>  I run Etch+backports at my home gateway/file server. Lately, I find
> that many packages are too old in Etch for my needs. I am thinking of
> switching to Lenny. While Lenny is not as stable as Etch, I am not
> sure how much difference there is, in terms of stability. I am not
> worried about a couple of packages breaking here and there  and X not
> firing up occasionally. I am only worried about complete breakdown
> like down time on this server. So here are my quesitons
> Does Lenny breakdown occasionally completely? I mean you cannot boot
> after apt-get update.
> Will it cause major data corruption due to its instability?
> Will it have broken kernel?
> Will my NAT and  firewall completely fail?
> Will my samba+cifs+nfs service breakdown or cause data corruption?
> Finally, if I decide to switch, do I do a apt-get dist-upgrade or just
> apt-get upgrade. What is the difference?
> Regards
> Ramesh

I have exactly the same opinion as Alan. As I wrote in another thread
about debian versions, Lenny (or testing in general) is so stable that
personally, having never run 'Stable', I can't imagine how much more
stable could a distribution be.

To summarize in 3 words: make the switch. Use aptitude dist-upgrade.
In your place though, since computers are the devil's makings, I would
first use clonezilla to take a full server backup to some external usb
drive, in case (1 in a billion) everything explodes.


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