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Re: Very slim Desktop Manager

On Fri, 7 Nov 2008, Michael Ott engaged keyboard and shared this with us all:
>--} Hi!
>--} I am looking for a very slim desktop manager.
>--} The system looking for is a 486 166MHz with 64MB Ram.
>--} I only want to run one or two small applications
>--} CU
>--}   Michael

Running an old Toshiba laptop with those specs with Lenny:

Log in at the command prompt.

Then load fluxbox with startx.

Works well, I run LyX on it mainly - roxfiler - nano - I do run Iceweasel on 
it and so far it's all right, but use it seldom. Use a few other apps I just 
can't think of at the moment. Connect to the net through a PCMCIA Ethernet 

Hope that helps.
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