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Re: Very slim Desktop Manager

On Thu, Nov 06, 2008 at 10:01:59AM -0800, Eric De Mund wrote:
> ] I am looking for a very slim desktop manager. 
> ] The system looking for is a 486 166MHz with 64MB Ram.
> ] I only want to run one or two small applications.
> One of my ThinkPads is circa 2000 system that's 266 MHz with 128 MB
> RAM. I run Xfce on it with tolerable responsiveness and yet an excellent
> feature set.
> I once saw a post that characterized window managers this way, when I
> was searching for a lightweight one:
>     Medium Light: xfce, qvwm
>     xfce is the smallest you can get and still have things like Gnome
>     compliance and easy add-on-the-fly-with-a-mouse menu options, mouse
>     preferences etc... Everything qvwm and below starts to sacrifice
>     features.

Xfce isn't really medium or light anymore since it now uses GTK 2.0
(which is far heavier than 1.x).

There's also a huge difference between a box with 64 MB ram and one with
128 MB ram.  The 64 MB box will hit swap doing far less.


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