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Re: When stability is pointless

John Hasler wrote:

> Koh Choon Lin writes:
>> It seems to me the cleanest form of manual package management is still
>> the old DOS style. All the files of a single program lies in one
>> directory
> Each with its own copy of all its dependencies, including libc and all
> other libraries it calls and all the programs and daemons it uses such as
> dbus and hal.  Sure.  And then when there is a critical update to libc or
> some other widely-used thing you get to upgrade every package on your
> system, one at a time, as the maintainers get new packages ready.  You
> have the fun of downloading each of those dependencies hundreds of times
> and finding space for them all.
> Why not give each package its own kernel while you are at it?

I don't think he meant something like chroot env. What he means is build
with unique --prefix, what I exactly do for testing purposes. If the test
is ok then I package with dpkg-buildpackage or similar.


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