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Re: When stability is pointless

* Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> [2008 Nov 05 06:05 -0600]:

> > Why have package managers?
> > --------------------------
> > 
> > Are package managers necessary? Well, no. 
> What????  We need this to keep consistency, ...
> > One way of managing software
> > is simply to install individual software programs/libraries as needed,
> > and allow each item to handle its own updating or uninstallation (or
> > even just leave that to the user to do manually). 
> Within stable Debian and security updates and volatile, this is supported.

If the OP would like to do things manually, I invite him to try
Slackware as there is no default package manager (or a very minimal one
that will install and remove packages but not much more).  Packages are
little changed from their upstream release and if there are conflicts
between packages, well the system administrator gets to figure that

> I do not know what you mean by "manually", though.

See Slackware.  ;-)

- Nate >>


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