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Asus X50RL on Debian Lenny and Ubuntu Hardy and Intrepid

My laptop is an Asus X50RL using the Atheros AR5007EG.

When I install the MadWifi drivers 'Lenny' behaves very well. On
Ubuntu the WiFi light goes off just before the login screen
effectively turning the card off.

Lenny does not have this problem at all.

The installation of the driver is the same except on Lenny I do it in
the Root Terminal and on Ubuntu use the Sudo prefix.

In Ubuntu hardware switching and using the keys result has no effect
except the light momentarily flashes when the keys are pressed.

It seems there is something in the booting sequence of Ubuntu that is
different to Debian. Any ideas how I can get round this with Ubuntu.

OH yes ifconfig shows that the driver is working with some packets
sent but no RX.


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