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Re: whole disk encryption -- not prompting for passphrase

Michael Wagner wrote:

> * Emanoil Kotsev <deloptes@yahoo.com> 02.11.2008
>> > So my question is, why aren't those volumes correctly deactivated on
>> > shutdown?  How does /dev/dm-0
>> > figure into this when I'm mounting /dev/mapper/debian-root as /?  Can I
>> > safely ignore this message, or
>> > is closing these devices important?  When I try to mount /dev/dm-0 it
>> > tells me "mount: unknown filesystem
>> > type 'lvm2pv'".   /dev/dm-1, 2, and 3 are debian-root debian-swap_1 and
>> > debian-home respectively.
>> > 
>> > Any hints, tips, suggestions on FMs to R are appreciated.  I learned a
>> > lot already in this process.  My
>> > next challenge is to resize my swap to match all the RAM I have now so
>> > I can s2disk safely.
>> I'm pretty sure that the crypt thing is not compatible with lvm. may be
>> this is the problem. I'm not 100% sure though. The problem could be
>> related to previous formatting and using lvm, or some cached information
>> somewhere.
> Hello Emanoil,
> dm-crypt and lvm are compatible. The debian installer suggests it. Some
> time ago I had my laptop with such a configuration and all worked fine.
> @OP:
> If you can read german, this is a very good site for setting up lvm and
> crypto.
> http://www.andreas-janssen.de/cryptodisk.html
> If you don't speak german, look at http://wiki.debian.org. Perhaps
> you'll find some interessting stuff.
> Hth Michael

Thanks Michael,
I read german. The howto is pretty good. I remember I've tried setup of
crypted partition and lvm over it, which didn't work. But the how to points
to the other way around, so I've learned something else now.

I'm using encryption recently extensively. I have all data and system
partitions encrypted. Only the boot partition is not.

Next time I'll check LVM + crypto.

Thanks and regards

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