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Re: whole disk encryption -- not prompting for passphrase

* Emanoil Kotsev <deloptes@yahoo.com> 02.11.2008
> > So my question is, why aren't those volumes correctly deactivated on
> > shutdown?  How does /dev/dm-0
> > figure into this when I'm mounting /dev/mapper/debian-root as /?  Can I
> > safely ignore this message, or
> > is closing these devices important?  When I try to mount /dev/dm-0 it
> > tells me "mount: unknown filesystem
> > type 'lvm2pv'".   /dev/dm-1, 2, and 3 are debian-root debian-swap_1 and
> > debian-home respectively.
> > 
> > Any hints, tips, suggestions on FMs to R are appreciated.  I learned a
> > lot already in this process.  My
> > next challenge is to resize my swap to match all the RAM I have now so I
> > can s2disk safely.
> I'm pretty sure that the crypt thing is not compatible with lvm. may be this
> is the problem. I'm not 100% sure though. The problem could be related to
> previous formatting and using lvm, or some cached information somewhere.
Hello Emanoil,

dm-crypt and lvm are compatible. The debian installer suggests it. Some
time ago I had my laptop with such a configuration and all worked fine. 

If you can read german, this is a very good site for setting up lvm and

If you don't speak german, look at http://wiki.debian.org. Perhaps
you'll find some interessting stuff.

Hth Michael

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