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Re: can't build um architecture linux image on lenny

On Thu, 30 Oct 2008, Brad Brock wrote:

> I've been using user-mode-linux (UML) since 3 years ago. I enjoyed its costumizable guest kernel until last week when I realize that building custom guest kernel on previous kernels version (I've tried 2.6.18 and 1.6.22) is no longer available due errors while compiling the kernel. The errors occured when I was building these kernels on lenny environment but there is no error when I used etch. Does anyone can explain to me why...??
> thanks in advance

Are you building it from source from kernel.org or trying to build it from
debian supplied source? Any reason to not use the debian supplied uml
kernel from user-mode-linux ?  What error messages are you getting when
you try to compile the kernel?


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