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Re: Exception from 'reportbug'

On Sun,26.Oct.08, 15:09:11, Wu, Kejia wrote:
> Hello all, 
> I tried to report some bug via reportbug tool, but failed. Maybe, I
> should configure something firstly? The follows is the failure message: 
> ---------------------------------------------------------- 
> Report will be sent to "Debian Bug Tracking System"
> <submit@bugs.debian.org> 
> Submit this report on iceweasel (e to edit) [Y|n|a|c|e|i|l|m|p|q|?]? Y 
> Connecting to bugs.debian.org via SMTP... 
> SMTP send failure: (111, 'Connection refused') 
>                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
> Wrote bug report to /tmp/reportbug-iceweasel-20081004-3212-mgIWPk 
> ---------------------------------------------------------- 
> I will feel very grateful for your suggestions. 

Could you please show your '.reportbugrc'?

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