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Re: libz.so.1 conflict/compatibility issue

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 11:31:27 -0700, Ken Teague wrote:
> Florian Kulzer wrote:
> > [ snip: the config file sets and exports LD_LIBRARY_PATH and other
> >   environmental variables. ]
> > 
> > Have you put the command to source this config file into .bashrc or
> > another startup file? 
> Yes, I had it in .bashrc and, after removing it, magic began happening
> and things work great! :-)
> > I would remove that and use a simple wrapper like this:
> > 
> > #!/bin/sh
> > source /usr/local/bin/acusim/LINUX64/V1.7e/script/.acusim-sh
> > /path/to/the/command/that/starts/acuSim


> Awesome!  However, acuSim has a suite of binaries (e.g. acuSim,
> acuSolve, acuTrace, etc.) and each of these binaries accept different
> args.  All of the binaries are under
> /usr/local/bin/acusim/LINUX64/V1.7e/bin.  How can I adapt the script to
> handle the various binaries?  Will I have to add a bunch of case
> statements?... or is there an easier way?

You could put this into ~/.bashrc (or ~/.bash_aliases):

alias acusession='source /usr/local/bin/acusim/LINUX64/V1.7e/script/.acusim-sh'

Then you can use "acusession" as a convenient abbreviation to source the
configuration script and prepare the present bash session for running
any of the acuSim binaries; treat it as a dedicated acusim session that
lasts until you end this particular bash session. If you want to
simultaneously use programs that should be linked to the normal
libraries then you can open another terminal window or switch to a
different VT.

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          Florian   |

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