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Re: Docx and OpenOffice in Lenny

Paul van der Vlis wrote:
Dotan Cohen schreef:
2008/10/20 Paul van der Vlis <paul@vandervlis.nl>:
Even a conversion to flat-text would be nice.

Seeing how docx is XML, have you tried parsing the file with something
that can read XML?

Ah, I see OpenOffice.org 3 is out officially now. But there is no
support for it in Lenny and I would like a supported product.

I am a sysadmin for some offices who are running Debian on the desktop,
and I am working on Lenny. I am wondering there is nothing in Debian for

My solution, when possible, is to write to the body from where the
.docx comes from and request that they resend in PDF.
I can do that for my private stuff. But for e.g. a notary office this is
not usuable.

Yes, you can do this for a notary office. Tell them that you
_don't_have_ MSO 2007 and cannot pay $xxx for it. Don't mention Linux
or OOo or anything else. Note also that notarized documents should be
read only anyway, and presentation surely is important, so PDF is much
preferable to doc[x]. In fact, I would not use a notary that uses doc
files, ideology aside.

All outgoing documents are in PDF. But customers will sent all kinds of
documents as input.

Even users of MSO <2007 will be unable to open .docx files.
Only if they don't install a plugin. And maybe this plugin is, or will
be, automatically installed by MS online update.

And what about users who are not running as admin and don't have admin
rights on the box?

Auto updates?  I am not a MS sysadmin, no idea.

In any case, sending documents that require $xxx program and $yyy for
the only OS that it runs on is bad. What if they were sending you
DotanOffice documents, that only could be opened on DotanOS. I'd be a

It's about receiving documents, not about sending.

There are free converters from MS to change .docx, .xlsx etc. to older versions. Of course, they only run on Windows...

But Office 2007 can save in many previous formats, and I don't think it's asking too much to request a customer to re-save and send it again. Almost everyone who uses Office is aware of its permanent lack of backward compatibility, and they get used to sending older document versions when people ask for them. Almost nobody buys every version of Office, normally skipping one or two versions when updating. The core Office features have existed unchanged since 1995, possibly earlier.

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