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Re: friend cannot see me on msn

2008/10/20 Andreas Berglund <andreas.berglund@home.se>:
> Hi!
> I just added a friend of mine on msn. I can see her and I can send messages
> to her but when I'm online it looks to her like I'm offline and none of her
> messages reach me. She tried to send an invitation to me several times but
> none of them reached me. I have no idea where to even begin looking so any
> help would be very much appreciated.
> The client I'm using is kopete 0.12.3, I don't know what client my friend
> uses but if you need to know I can ask her and I'd be happy to provide any
> other information that might be relevant.
> regards
> Andreas Berglund

I have no idea about kopete but the best msn client i've used on linux
is emesene.


you can do everything in emesene that you can do with the actual
microsoft client. be sure to look through the plugins and turn on what
you want.

had heaps of visibility issues with pidgin, amsn and a few others but
none so far with this one.

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