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Re: Grub dilemma

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Dotan Cohen wrote:
> 2008/10/18 Frank McCormick <debian@videotron.ca>:
>> I am running two distributions on my machine...Sid on hda1 and another
>> (Ubuntu) on hda3. Grub seems to boot from hda3...as I have to copy Grubs
>> menu.lst to hda3 every time Sid's kernel gets updated. (I don't remember
>> where I installed Grub..it was a long time ago ).
>> I would like to replace Ubuntu on hda3 with something else...but it uses
>> Lilo. Would that mess up my Grub installation.
>> If it does...how tough would it be to re-install Grub, this time in the MBR?
> When you install Ubuntu, have it install Grub (that is actually the
> default). It will automatically add your other OSes. Specific to
> Ubuntu, I have not had any trouble with it's installation of Grub (in
> contrast to Debian, Fedora, and others who's Grub installations I
> always need to go back and fix).

  I am not installing Ubuntu - it's already installed on hda3. I say
again I want to install another Linux on hda3 which uses Lilo...not
Grub. I'm asking whether Lilo will screw up Grub. I don't know whether
the install will give me the option to skip installing Lilo. If it does
there is no problem...but if it doesn't will there be a problem.

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