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Re: Amazon Web Services

Hi Tom, 

You should ping Amazon about this. 


On Tue, 07 Oct 2008 19:48:25 -0400
Tom Allison <tom@tacocat.net> wrote:

> I hope there is someone on this list who is currently using a Debian 
> installation as an AWS AMI.  I have some "dumb" questions not all of 
> which are applicable to Debian:
> First, is billing based on $0.10 per uptime hour or $2.40 a day or is 
> this some CPU time basis (much less than 86400 per day)
> If I pull an AMI from the AWS repository, there appears to be a nice 
> Etch, is it possible to update/modify the running instance and store 
> that back as the AMI for the next time I want to use it?
> how do I do that stuff?  is it all possible via web pages and/or SSH?
> This would be a box that is hanging on the internet.
> AWS mentions things like elastic IP address -- experience with DNS 
> entries for hosting a static web site?  Can this actually work for
> email delivery?
> How do you ensure that these systems are running?
> I'm thinking of actually putting a mail server in this cloud, but I'm 
> not sure that I can count on it running 24x7.  Can I?  How do I know 
> what I'm "down"?
> I'm just trying to figure out a cheap alternative to running a server
> in my house 24x7 generating heat, noise, and stuck on a dynamic IP
> address.
> The alternative is a VPS hosted box.  But I want to ask about this
> one first.
> Many thanks!
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