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Re: Feature Set Docs

Andrei Popescu wrote:
On Sun,05.Oct.08, 12:05:18, Jason C. Wells wrote:
I am trying to find a document that lists the features of lenny. I see some "new features" but not a total list. For example, what network protocols, file systems, encryption, and hardware support are available. The Debian release notes are sparse in this respect.

File systems and hardware support are actually provided by the kernel. "Encryption" is a bit vague and network protocols... a lot of them. What exactly are you looking for?
I'm looking for the docs for the purpose of understanding support for UFS/UFS2, IPV6, OpenBSD PF, ipfw, ipchains or other firewall, NFS version, and my AC97 sound chip. I found a variety of blog-type comments on these things but I was hoping for something @debian.org which I would presume would be more authoritative.

I am coming the the understanding that each of the packages that comprises a debian release is documented independently. It seems that the bulk of debian documentation is 1) installation and 2) package management. It also seems like the next best place to find documentation is TLDP.


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