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Re: House wireless/wired router: choices? Plus wireless neophyte questions.

On Fri, 03 Oct 2008 09:49:35 -0700
Bob McGowan <bob_mcgowan@symantec.com> wrote:


> I found that Netgear also makes a Linux kernel based router, the
> WGR614L.  It is listed at about $80 US, and can use the DD-WRT Open
> Source firmware, probably others.

No longer relevant for you, but right now there's an excellent deal on
the Asus 520gu available at various online merchants; it can be had for
as little as $30 shipped after a $20 rebate.  It can apparently run
OpenWrt, and it has a USB port, quite a rare feature at this price
point.  [Hint: think of it as a cheaper, lower powered version of the
ever popular Slug, but with integrated wireless.]


> This unit (and others) allows you to associate a particular IP address
> with a MAC address, so the same IP is always given to the device.  This
> allows you to have your hosts file setup for names and still use the
> laptop in any DHCP environment with changes.

Most do, but I was disappointed that my Trendware models (452brp and
432brp) don't seem to have that capability, so I switched to static

> Bob McGowan

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