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Re: soundcard recognized but not accessible

Sven Joachim wrote:
sven, sorry for replying off-list. posting (UPDATED) mail here as well.

The driver for this card has been removed from the Debian kernel, as it
needs binary-only firmware.
ah, interesting. it seems that it is not that frequently used and doesn't therefore have a firmware package in non-free (as, e.g., the intel wifi driver has)

There are several possibilities:
- Build the driver from the ALSA project. You need the alsa-driver
  Do *not* use Debian's alsa-source package, since that has the firmware
  removed as well.
this seems to be the easiest solution. i will give it a try.

actually, this doesn't seem to work for me (but maybe i am just doing something wrong). got the file, but configure tells me (after some fiddling)

checking for built-in ALSA... yes
configure: error: You have built-in ALSA in your kernel.

according to some webpages, it's not possible to have alsa both as module and in the kernel - but i just need one module that according to you isn't present in the kernel. is there any way how to do this? or do i first have to recompile the kernel?

- Use a Linux distribution that is less picky about legal issues and
  includes the driver and the firmware in the kernel.


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