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Lenny: configure ocsinventory fails

Hi all,
I'm trying to install and configure ocsinventory on a fresh lenny install.

First attempt failed because mysql is a requirement but it is not in the dependencies.

Starting again from scratch, installing mysql, an then trying to install ocs inventory seems to work: it asks for the administrative password of mysql; asks for the password for ocsinventory; creates the "ocs" mysql user and the ocsweb mysql schema.

But no tables are generated and using the URL "http://localhost/ocsinventory"; gives a "Bad Request" error"
In the Apache2 log files I see an "Table 'ocsweb.config' doesn't exist"

Anyone was able to install and start ocs inventory?
There are postinstallation procedures to execute? (in the README.debian there is nothing useful)



Busico Mirto Silvio
Consulente ICT
cell. 333 4562651
email m.busico@ieee.org

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