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Re: help with samba client?

Philip wrote:

I used to be able to use smbmount to mount a samba share into a non-root
users directory, but a while back it stopped working.
The man page suggests mount -t smbfs but when I try it I get an "only
root can do that" error (I don't remember the exact wording).

What's the correct way for a non-root user to mount a samba share?
it must be possible because the smbk4 gui program can mount a samba
share without the root password, but I want a command line way that I
can add to login scripts.

In my case both client and server are etch.

Samba is a mystery to me, but I use it on Sid to run with VMware's vmserver 1.0.6 + XP (no SP's).

I used to get read-only shares mounted until I changed:

   read only = no

in /etc/samba/smb.conf line #231.

That made the user home directory writable and non-root.
Don't know if that helps.


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