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Re: NFS or Samba (windows client)

On Tuesday 16 September 2008 23:29:39 Paulo Silva wrote:
> You could try using some NFS implementation on your Windows (I think
> SFU[1] has a nfs client but there should be others) but imo samba is not
> hard to setup and will give you less trouble.
> [1] http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/interopmigration/bb380242.aspx
> Ter, 2008-09-16 às 10:29 +0200, Clifford W. Hansen escreveu:
> > Greetings list,
> >
> > At home I have a couple of Debian boxen, and am using NFS on the "nas"
> > (pc with a usb hdd) to share file between these systems.
> >
> > The main problem is that my fiance's pc still has windows on it (it is
> > dual boot, she doen't know it yet *eg*), and she needs access to some of
> > these "shares".
> >
> > I would prefer not to install samba just for one machine, but if I have
> > to so be it (although I might have to do so in any event to share the
> > printer).
> >
> > I would also like to mount these shares similar to how I do so on my
> > Linux boxen, eg. c:\My Documents -> nfs://nfsserver/mydocuments (afaik
> > this is not possible)
> >
> > The ultimate solution would be to remove windows, but this is a work in
> > progress... ;)
> --
> Paulo Silva <paulojjs@gmail.com>

Thank you for the link, still busy downloading, but will post results.

I know samba is easy to setup (except if you trying to make a domain 
controller), I would just like to have as little installed as possible on 
my "nas"

As for less trouble, well I'll find out once it's finished downloading...

/me curses south african internet speed or the lack thereof... :/

Thank you,

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