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Miss Manners (Debian Edition): Release Critical Bugs


I know this is probably better asked on debian-devel, but I honestly don't want to subscribe for this one question.

I'm setting up some new servers that will be deployed with lenny, but there's a module source package that I want to use that doesn't build using m-a. It was already reported as a bug, and is fixed in sid. However, the bug only has severity "important", so the package isn't migrating due to the freeze.

I've commented on the bug, but haven't received a reply from the maintainer yet. Assuming that module sources count, this is a FTBFS bug, so it's release critical. What is the most polite option if I don't hear back in the next two weeks or so?

Can (and should) I upgrade the bug (although already closed) to serious? Can (and should) I request a freeze exception myself? Should I file another bug with serious severity saying that it FTBFS?

I appreciate the work that goes into maintaining a package (I do it internally), but I also want the bug fixed in lenny, because I think it's the right thing to do.

What should I do, debian-user???



P.S. If the maintainer of the package in question is reading this right now, and you just haven't had a chance to get a freeze-exception yet, that's okay! I just want to know that it will make it for release! Thanks for your hard work!

Eric Gerlach, Network Administrator
Federation of Students
University of Waterloo
p: (519) 888-4567 x36329
e: egerlach@feds.uwaterloo.ca

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