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Re: Copy entire /usr

Le Ven 12 septembre 2008 09:28, Raven a écrit :
> After I rsync, how do I tell the system to use the new /usr folder
> (since I am not doing the whole "remount" thing)?

As you seem to be unable to have a physical access to the server, I
suppose you can not go to single user mode. If you try "init S" or "init
1", you will probably loose you network connection.

I would certainly try this :
1 - mount the "/" (root) partition a second time on a mount point (ie on
/mnt) as Linux can do this. On this second mount point, you will not have
the sub-filesystem "sdc1" mounted on /mnt/usr. So you will be able to
alter /usr on the root FS.
2 - rsync the bad /usr (sdc1) on /mnt/usr (it will theorically copy the
contents of /usr (sdc1) on /usr (root), behind the one mounted from sdc1
3 - if sdc hangs, reboot and resume from (1), it will resume the copy
4 - remove the "/usr" line in the fstab ;
5 - reboot (the sdc1 fs will not be mounted over /usr)

But this solution SHOULD work IN THEORY !!! I never tried it. someone
might have a better idea.

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