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Re: Copy entire /usr

Sex, 2008-09-12 às 09:05 +0200, François Cerbelle escreveu:
> Le Ven 12 septembre 2008 08:15, Raven a écrit :
> [...]
> > Before starting blindly cp'ing files, I would like to hear your advice
> > on the process and if I have any chance of succeeding (or if you have
> > another method that would work better)
> Hi,
> You can use :
> # ( cd /usr; tar cf - . ) | ( cd /mnt/newusr ; tar xvf -)
> to do the copy, but as your disk will probably fail during the process,
> rsync is a better choice as it can resume the copy.
> I think you will certainly miss some files.

I would use rsync too, something like:

# rsync -av /usr/ /mnt/newusr/
(you can drop the v swith if you don't want verbose output)

If possible it you be good to remount /usr as read-only (mount -o
remount,ro /usr) so you are certain no changes are made to it's contents
during the copy.
Paulo Silva <paulojjs@bragatel.pt>

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