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BUSY BOX after boot attempt..

-- Hi, all 

I created my own problem. I think!
I have a dual boot Dell M60 laptop. Running Lenny, linux kernel
2.6.26-1-686.  I have/had  a small primary (hda3) as /boot.
A larger logical (hda2) with / (hda5) and /home (hda6) + Swap (hda7).
hda1 is XP.  
I used GRML 1.1 iso and gparted to "resize/move" /boot to 5X intial
size. because with kernel changes, I had low disk space errors. All
seemed to go well. No errors.  When I rebooted back to lenny on hdd I
get the BusyBox prompt. I get the GRUB window OK.  I see what looks like
errors as follows,
Mount: No such file or directory.  (Three times)
Target filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init
No init found, Try parsing init= bootarg

I don't know where to go next... 

Thanks in advance...



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