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Re: Recommend a mua please

On 09/02/08 17:08, Péter András Felvégi wrote:

I have a few requirements for a mua, and have not yet found the ideal program:

- store the settings/address book on a server instead of the local
machine (I access my mailboxes from different machines)

That's handled by LDAP.

- handles multiple inboxes (I use imaps mainly)
- possibility to set the fcc folder for a given address book entry

What's fcc?

- possibility to save the message from the inbox to the desired fcc
with as few keystrokes as possible
- minimal intelligence when I reply to a mail in my 'sent' folder:
don't address it to myself rather to the one I sent the mail

I just tested this with Tbird/Iceweasel on an email From "me", and To "someone else". Tbird correctly sends the mail to "someone else".

- display html mail with pictures, etc
- a spam filter integrated with my address book, so emails from known
addresses won't be marked accidentally

Thunderbird lacks the possibility of remote configs/address books,
can't set the fcc in the address book and thus sorting mail is rather
frustrating, it wants to send mail to myself when I reply to an
already sent message and the last version I used had a bug when
deleting attachments.

Alpine is quite close, has remote config and address book, fcc setting
in the address book, thus easy mail sorting, but I was not yet able to
configure multiple inboxes, html mail is limited to text since it uses
the console and no spam filtering.

Any recommendations?

I really think that Tbird would be your best bet, since Tbird *does* do LDAP.

Thanks, P

ps: please cc the replies, I'm not on the list

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

"Do not bite at the bait of pleasure till you know there is no
hook beneath it."  -- Thomas Jefferson

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