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Re: problems with madwifi and Atheros AR5418

Le (on) mardi 02 septembre 2008 22:40, Wayne Topa a écrit (wrote) :

>>         http://madwifi.org/wiki/Compatibility/Atheros#AtherosAR5418
> It's reported there to be working on an Apple Macbook.  Is that what an
> asus F80L-4P007C is?
Not exactly. But I naively thought that the driver was for the chipset only,
and didn't depend on the computer around the chipset. 

> AFAIK the madwifi drivers do not work with '802.11abgn' chipsets.
Bad news for me.

> Maybe with a newer kernel that includes the ath9k driver, it 'might' work.
2.6.27-rc5 is building right now. I'll see.


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