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Sharing a printer to Windows XP clients with Samba and Cups


I tray to setup my home network to share a printer to Windows XP
client with Samba and Cups. 

I have a firewall/router (Pentium II) that have three network

the 1. one is for the Internet provider - eth2
the 2. one is for the DMZ zone - eth1 - IP
the 3. one is for the LAN - eth0 - IP

The USB printer is connected to the Debian Etch server that is on DMZ

The Windows XP is on LAN. This is a Pentium 4 dual boot system with
Win XP and Debian Etch op. systems.

>From Debian Etch system I can to print, but from Win XP I can't.

I setup firewall/router with help of Shorewall, and have rules:
SMB/ACCEPT      dmz:       loc:
SMB/ACCEPT      loc:       dmz:

I followed the steps in this tutorial:

but can't to setup things right.

What am I missing here?

Any advices will be appreciated!

Regards, Paul Csanyi

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