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Re: Icons on Gnome desktop

Johan Grönqvist wrote:
andy skrev:
My Lenny system faithfully automounts CDs and USB data sticks,etc., but when I am in Gnome, these automounted devices are not iconised on the desktop itself. If I go into "computer" (or whatever it is called), I can double click the device icon and then it will appear on the desktop.

Anyone have any suggested fixes to this minor inconvenience?

You could try to run gconf-editor and look for apps->nautilus->desktop to check if "Volumes visible" is checked. If that does not solve it, I do not know.

/ johan

Thanks Johan

I think that I see where my question was ambiguous. I should've made clearer that once I've clicked on the device in "computer", the icon loads onto the desktop. What I wanted to find out how to do was to have that icon come onto the desktop automatically whenever a device is found and automounted.

But thanks for gconf-editor - news to me and helpful ... thank you!!




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