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Re: starting apache at boot?

On Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 23:24:56 -0400, Zach Uram wrote:
> I manually compiled apache2 since the version packaged for Debian is
> the threaded version which causes fatal memory errors on my VPS host
> and it works great but now I need to tell it to start every time my
> system boots. Running Debian lenny/sid (testing release) with 2.6.18
> Linux kernel.

Is there a reason for sticking with 2.6.18?

> How exactly can I do this?

Just to make sure that you did not miss a possibly much simpler solution
of your problem: Did you try to use "apache2-mpm-prefork" instead of
"apache2-mpm-worker"? The prefork package will give you the non-threaded
version, so it should save you the trouble of compiling apache2

If you really need to use your self-compiled version of apache2 then you
should have a look at section 11.6 of this document:


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