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Re: Automated downloads for duplicate laptops

Ron Johnson wrote:
On 08/15/08 20:12, ZephyrQ wrote:
I'm trying to set up five (5) laptops for classroom use with limited menu options and specific programs that I use in my special ed classroom. I have numerous packages that I would like to automate the downloads (instead of picking and clicking), to the tune of about 850M worth.

Any way to do this quicker/easier than pointing and clicking for every computer?

Note: I am using Ubuntu for the laptops, but I run Etch on my home machine doing the configuring.

What if you run the laptops as diskless thick workstations, where stuff like /usr, /home, /etc, ... are mounted NFS, but all CPU processing (and and necessary TMP files & swapping) are done on the laptop.

That way you only configure things once.
Unfortunately, I have to run each laptop as a stand alone without net access once they are in the classroom...school starts Monday and I'm trying to get these all configured...

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