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X11 Server on an 64 bit Alpha Processor such as a 4000 Series Dec/Compaq/HP Server

It has been written that if I cannot locate a specific package to report
a bug that I should write this mail list for advice....

So the issue is, I have a number of Alpha Servers (4000/4100 Class)
which I have loaded with different Video Cards (all recommended by Xorg
and other X11 advocates ) which all worked under FreeX11 (if I have the
name correct? or FreeBSDX11??) -- anyway, my research has found that in
the FreeX11 package the video system in an Alpha used double buffering
or complete video cache replacement and this code was removed by Xorg in
the Xserver released for Debian... making native graphics support on an
Alpha impossible because one cannot start a X11 Server process.

I am hoping and requesting helpp to: 

a) obtain some advice as to the exact package name I should be looking
at which contains the Xserver, i.e from Xorg, as Xorg seems to be
supplying all the Xservers, X11, Xlib, Xtk for Debian these days... and
b) Who can I talk with who is the maintainer of the Xserver code that
allows all of the very cool window managers and really everything to
work in a windows environment on Debian, i.e. GNome, KDE, etc. 

as I would like to have a native X11 server operate correctly on one of
the many Alpha Servers we have at my company... I hope to convert all of
the Alpha servers to Debian Linux with an X11 base with KDE running.

It is curious that I can start a remote X11/KDE or X11/GNome session
when the Xserver is running on any intel based system with any video
card with commands such as:

Telnet (name of AlphaServer)
... or
# or >  ssh -Y -l username name-of-AlphaServer
# or >  startkde

and the entire KDE or Gnome environment comes up and works Fantasticly
(my new word...!!!), with some alignment errors, but does not crash...

But when I attach a mouse, keyboard, video monitor to any of the "older"
recommended video cards that are "supported", the X11 server from Xorg
fails with 
(EE) s3(0): No V_BIOS found
(II) unmapVidMemSparse: unmapping Base 0x2ff000a0000 Size 0x20000
(==) s3(0): Using gamma correction (1.0, 1.0, 1.0)
(**) s3(0): Chipset: "Trio32/64"
(--) s3(0): Framebuffer @ 0x4000000
(--) s3(0): videoRam = 1024 Kb
(II) Loading sub module "ramdac"
(II) LoadModule: "ramdac"
(II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/libramdac.so
(II) Module ramdac: vendor="X.Org Foundation"
        compiled for 7.1.1, module version = 0.1.0
        ABI class: X.Org Video Driver, version 1.0

Fatal server error:
mapVidMemSparse: Could not (sparse) mmap fb (No such file or directory)

and after talking with a few ex Alpha Engineers -- they informed me that
the double buffering code was removed by Xorg after taking over the X11
component from FreeBSD X11 group.  

My goal is to take the old FreeBSD code that worked and to integrate it
back into the Xserver code which I am trying to find in some debian
supported package... (and unfortunately this would be a custom fix
unless I can convince the best Linux developers, i.e. obtain Debian's
help in having Xorg replace the code to work on Alpha Servers for
general use and release...

I am at odds that the best coders, unix coders, even took the code out
in the first place, instead of using some type of switch or if or
variable or symbol statement to simply remove the code on systems that
do not need it during the compile/build process...

Anyway, can anyone supply me with:
1) the package that I need to access to access the Xserver code
2) the maintainer of said package with contact info so I can try to
convince the maintainer to add Alpha Server support or so I can add
Alpha Server support and give back my work to the any other Alpha Server
Debian based users...

Thank you all in advance -- Debian is truly a fantastic Linux

Robert Garron
Access3000, Inc.

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