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Re: Using Logitech Quickcam on Debian 4.0

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 06:42:11PM +0800, Bret Busby wrote:

> Okay.
> Running m-a a-i qc-usb might have been easy, but it does not result in  
> an application that I can run.

no. it just builds the drivers. 

> I still do not have an application that runs on Debian 4.0, that will  
> allow me to record video with sound, from the Logitech QuickCam  
> Communicate STX.

I've lost track of the beginning of this thread, but on the assumption
that the driver works and provides appropriate devices, there are a
number of programs that would capture video. What have you tried? I
suspect that at a minimum, ffmped and mendcoder could do it and there
are surely others.

> So, I booted the laptop into Windows XP, and installed the software that  
> came with the webcam, and got that running, but the video files that  
> that creates, are only in the .wmv file format, and the only application  
> that I have on Debian 4.0, that can read .wmv files, is xine, and,  
> whilst that plays the sound, it does things to the video component, that 
> are like what I imagine an acid trip to be like; kind of like a "Lucy in 
> the sky with diamonds" kind of thing.
> If I cannot run the webcam with Debian 4.0, to record videoclips, does a  
> converter exist for Debian 4.0, that can convert .wmv files into .mpeg  
> files, so that the files cam be platform independent?

I believe mencoder can do this. man mencoder.


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