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Re: State of 64bit desktop

kj <koffiejunkielistlurker@koffiejunkie.za.net>:
>  Hi guys,

Not to mention other people?  :-|

>  At work I'm starting to push the limits of my RAM with MySQL/InnoDB on 
>  my workstation (I do dev/testing on my workstation).  I have 64bit 
>  hardware, capable of taking 8gb memory.
>  What I'm worried about is the tools I use.  In particular, I need a 
>  browser with all the usual suspects working properly: flash and java 

I've had both Lenny and Sidux installed on my Sparc U30 64 bit.  I
can't guarantee that that shite runs well on it, but stock Debian
appears to run fine.  Now, I'm fiddling with Splack (Slackware for
Sparc), which is interesting.  It's very happy with NetBSD.  fwiw.

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