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Re: Having Problems with apt-get update and apt-get upgrade

On Mon,11.Aug.08, 16:42:39, Mark Phillips wrote:
> I just completed an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade on my Debian
> lenny machine. I noticed that evolution, which is installed on this
> machine, is still at version 2.10 and the latest in testing is version
> 2.22. If I do an apt-get install evolution, apt wants to delete a huge
> number of packages and update another long list:
> 54 upgraded, 34 newly installed, 22 to remove and 454 not upgraded.
> Need to get 154MB of archives.
> After unpacking 6995kB of additional disk space will be used.
> My question is why didn't evolution get updated when I did an apt-get
> update and apt-get upgrade? Aren't lenny and testing the same thing?
Currently yes, they are. My guess is that evolution (and probably lots 
of other packages) hasn't been upgraded because you used 'upgrade' 
instead of 'dist-upgrade'. Most of the times it is enough, but with 
testing and unstable you sometimes have to use 'dist-upgrade'. If you 
have packages on hold after 'upgrade' you should also try 'dist-upgrade' 
Read the manpage apt-get(8) for the differences between the two.

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