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Re: Replacing hda - Easiest Way?

So far so good.  Finally got around to actually installing the new drive
this morning, since the system was down anyway due to a power flicker on
account of the weather.

I used gparted to make 3 partitions on the new drive (which came up
as /dev/sdf due to sda through sdd being used by the card reader and sde
being a 9GB SCSI drive I forgot was still installed.)

It was 200GB for /shared, 150GB for /home, and 150GB for /workspace.
After that, I made mountpoints for them at /shared-new, /home-new,
and /workspace-new then just did a straight over copy from /shared
and /workspace to /shared-new and /workspace-new.

Those two were remounted as /shared and /workspace and their
counterparts on /hdb were remounted as /shared-old and /workspace-old,
and /etc/fstab updated appropriately.

For /home, I went ahead and used mondoarchive to make a set of 4 iso
images on the new /workspace, then used mondorestore to restore them
intact to /home-new.  Apparently I made some minor error in the backup,
because when I remounted /home-new as /home and unmounted the
original /home, /the new /home showed as:


Fortunately, I was able to log into a root terminal and use Midnight
Commander to copy everything from the home subdirectory into the home
root directory, so all is well there now.

Next up will be to run mondoarchive on hda and make isos on /workspace,
then restore to hdb.  After that, I can swap the two drives around and
make the 80GB drive (the old hda) into a nice big scratch space.  But
before I do all of that, I think I need to run a few more tests to make
sure everything copied okay...  In other words, time to fire up City of
Heroes for a bit.  :)

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