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Replacing hda - Easiest Way?

I'm going to be upgrading my primary hard drive (80GB) with a new 500GB
drive today.  The old drive has 7 assorted partitions on it:

/dev/hda1 - /
/dev/hda5 - /tmp
/dev/hda6 - /root
/dev/hda7 - /opt
/dev/hda8 - /var
/dev/hda9 - /usr
/dev/hda10 - /workspace

So, what would be the easiest way to transfer everything from the old
drive to the new one?  I remember from previous experience that just
doing a straight up copy from one to the other didn't work.  I need to
copy and
1:  keep all permissions intact
2:  Copy my boot loader from the old drive to the new one
(unfortunately, I can't remember if GRUB went on the mbr or on the boot
record of the first partition)

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