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Re: Benefits (and risks) of using Sid

Daniel Burrows wrote:
If you just mean that
you have to learn the keystrokes ... that's probably not going to
change; with the limited screen real estate on a terminal, I can't
afford to put in buttons on everything.

Although I haven't delved into aptitude as deeply as I probably should, I would like to have an easier (keystroke) way to cycle through the search.

As it stands, I press "/" enter my search criteria and then press "enter" to access the packages. Then I press "/" again and "enter" to go to the next found item. I don't know of a way to cycle through otherwise so if I miss a package I have to cycle through the whole list to get back to it. Something like the "previous" and "next" feature in how aptitude resolves dependencies would be nice.

If there is already a means in place please let me know.

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