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Re: home network problem - router is smarter than me

tyler <tyler.smith@mail.mcgill.ca> writes:

> When apache is configured to listen to all addresses, I can browse
> webpages on the desktop from the laptop by entering the IP address
> (, but not the name (etch.mynetwork). On the desktop I can
> ssh to the desktop (ie., ssh to itself) with ssh etch.mynetwork, but I
> can't connect from the laptop to the desktop:

I think I've nearly got it solved. Thanks to some off-list advice, I've
set the desktop to static IP, and then I found that I had a firewall
blocking inbound ssh on the desktop that needed to be modified (d'oh!).
There was some sketchy certificate stuff, but now I appear to be able to
ssh into the desktop from the laptop.

One more question: how do I configure firestarter to accept inbound ssh
from a range of addresses? My laptop uses dynamic IP addresses, so I'd
like to allow ssh from 192.168.2.{10-20}, or something like that.



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