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Re: [SOLVED] safe bet: nobody knows this

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

I have a script to install Sid from scratch to get me a system that has everything I want, and I run that with a local Sid mirror.

Ran it yesterday and the new partition is half the size of the old one: goes to show you the junk one collects.

One problem: hyperlatex does not run. It gets an error:

Hyperlatex ERROR: Unknown command: HlxLeavePar
Hint: Try running Latex, it may give a better error message.


Everybody got a failing grade. Again... This is what you do in this case:

1. Install the source package to build it. That at least gets you access to what is failing, because you have nothing else to investigate.

2. I did that and the apt-get build-dep pulled in *50* packages to a whopping *237MB* - took 12 hrs on my dialup. Space usage of my 8GB partition jumped 9%!

3. Installed 'apt-get source hyperlatex' and ran 'dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us -rfakeroot'

4. Noticed that it correctly ran hyperlatex in compiling the manual!

5. Installed the resulting .deb and voilá!

Apparently not installing *tetex-extra* is not a good idea.
I could have re-installed the existing .deb after the install of tetex-extra, but did not try that.

Why do I need Vietnamese language support? Oh, forget it.


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