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Re: [OT] RE: Replacing hda - Easiest Way?

On Tuesday 05 August 2008 20:33, Stackpole, Chris wrote:
> Yes, I will agree that rsync is easy to do if you already know the
> command and what it is capable of. It is indeed a very powerful tool.
> However, for someone who doesn't already know the command it can be a
> bit overwhelming. At least that has been my experience in
> watching/helping others with it.
> My experience with partimage is that as long as you have an idea of what
> you want to do, the gui will hold your hand and get done what you need
> to get done. This is exactly what some people want when they first get
> started; a nice simple layout to get them started. The advanced stuff
> can wait till they are ready. Partimage has a lot of really cool
> advanced stuff, but simply running partimage at the command line (given
> it is installed of course) will simply bring up the nice gui.
> I am of the opinion that you shouldn't blindly run commands on your
> system that you have found out on the net. I am a big fan of researching
> the command as well as the options. This usually requires reading
> through the man pages and some Google searching. Rsync has 3463 lines of
> documentation in the man pages alone. For someone like me who likes good
> documentation to learn from, that is great! For someone who just wants
> it to work, that is a PITA.
> Shachar Or and yourself are the only ones to suggest flags to use for
> rsync. Even then, the full command wasn't even given which can only
> confuse the inexperienced. Running 'rsync -ax' only kicks back the help
> message. Doesn't really solve the problem that the user may think they
> were attempting to solve.
> I have nothing against rsync. To be quite honest, the majority of uses
> for these two tools are completely different. I just think in this case
> it is a bigger jump to dive into rsync for a new user then it is for
> partimage. I would much prefer to give someone a tool that will help
> guide them (hence, in my mind, easier) then a really powerful tool that
> is way more then they need and above their head.
> Anyway, maybe I am way off on this but before I blabber on and on I will
> give the list a chance to see if everyone agrees or disagrees with me.
> ;-D
> Have fun!
> ~S~

I'll give this partimage thing a try. It sounds nice.

I've gotten thus far with my skills, which is not very far, by reading through 
the long pages.

There are things to get a nice UI for, and there are things that should be 
performed with "full" consciousness; filesystems tasks is of the latter, if 
you ask me.

I estimate that Scarletdown, using multiple disks with multiple partitions, 
ultimately wants to learn how to use things like UUID's, LVM2, rsync, cfdisk, 
mkfs.*, fstab, etc..

I imagine he'll be thrilled to know how to use all these things!
Shachar Or | שחר אור

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