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Re: Benefits (and risks) of using Sid

On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 02:09:34PM +0100, andy wrote:
> Hi all
> This is just a general enquiry about the benefits of using Sid on a  
> desktop or a workstation. Aside from obtaining up-to-the-minute software  
> (and related patches), are there any other benefits to using Sid? I am  
> aware of the risks - i.e. frequently broken applications - but to be  
> honest, how often does this happen?
> Any thoughts (no flames please - I recycled my asbestos suit!!)

I find sid doesn't break that often for me. I can think of maybe two
instances in the past three years where I've had a serious enough
breakage that I had to stop everything else to solve the problem. 

Lately though, I've gotten lazy and haven't kept up with the
updates. I'm probably running closer to lenny at the moment... If you
don't keep up with the updates, you quickly fall *way* behind and have
to plan the updates. If you do it every day, it's no big deal... a
handful of packages. If you wait a week, you have to stop and think
and pay close attention. If you wait a month, set aside a couple of
hours in case something get's hosed because you'll be updating
hundreds of packages. 



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