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Re: Debian Sid first time user

On Tue,05.Aug.08, 11:45:54, Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 08/05/08 11:13, Andrei Popescu wrote:
>> On Tue,05.Aug.08, 11:05:42, Ron Johnson wrote:
>>>> Yes but you can install a Debian with a business card and then you have 
>>>> the choice in the release you want to grab (stable, testing or 
>>>> unstable).
> >>
>>> Except that OP is bandwidth-constrained.
>> Why would that be worse than a full-upgrade (dist-upgrade)?
> I don't understand your question.

AFAICT the OP has two options to install sid: full-upgrade or install 
from scratch (with the business-card image).

ISTM that in both cases the amount of data downloaded is similar, but 
your remark seems to imply something else. I asked what would be the 
difference, just in case I missed something.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)

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