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Re: Replacing hda - Easiest Way?

On 2008-08-05 02:55, Mumia W.. wrote:
> I'm genuinely curious. Why is rsync better than "cp -a"?

 - It's more flexible (see man rsync).

 - It works both locally and over network.

 - On consecutive invocations, it only transfers the difference.
   Therefore it is much, much faster, especially over the network.

For a one-time copy only, cp and rsync should take about the same amount
of time. rsync is more advanced for synchronizing directories (and
keeping them synchronized).

If you'd like to continue using your 'old' disk (or another one) for
backup purposes, rsync will save you *lots* of time over a couple of
backups. [1]



[1] http://www.mikerubel.org/computers/rsync_snapshots/index.html

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