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Re: Wiki

sadeq zabihi wrote:

> I am tring to install a wiki software on Debian (server) on my network.
> But I dont know which wiki software is better for my project (it is not a
> big project) and how i can install it on debian server. It it is possible
> for you please help me about both (wiki software and Debian)

I'm using moinmoin for one site because it works with FCKeditor and I have
many non-technical users who dislike writing markup of any kind.

Once you install moinmoin-common and python-moinmoin, follow the
instructions in /usr/share/doc/moinmoin-common/README.Debian.  Be aware of
this documentation bug:


For small project Dokuwiki works well.

While it's not in debian, I really like WikkaWikki 


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