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Re: [!] 2.6.26 + vga=791

Ron Johnson wrote:
On 08/02/08 09:06, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

Good clue! But I am no closer and consider giving up: it would only be
useful if I found a kernel parameter for the cmdline to avoid being
without framebuffers.

Any other "fix" entails recompiling the Debian Kernel, e.g. in order to
install uvesfb you have to do that.

The last Debian kernel that ran with vga=791 was 2.6.24. So I did a diff
-y beteen that and 2.6.25 that does *not* allow vga=791. That file is here:

The only seemingly-relevant change I see is to this entry:

Thanks for checking, Ron. That is because in 2.6.25 and later I can *only* get framebuffer support by activating that particular entry, recompiling the kernel, per

In this particular kernel I had ufesafb enabled.


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