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Re: apt: "The following packages have been kept back:"

On Sat Aug 02 2008 @  2:09, JW wrote:
> I sometimes have a hard time figuring out why apt keeps certain packages back. 
> For example the other day during an apt-get upgrade it was "keeping back" 
> openoffice (and all the OO componant packages). It was not requiring any 
> packages to be removed, it wasn't causing any major packages to be upgraded. 
> How can I find out the *reason* why a package is kept back?

A slightly different way to put what others have said: compare 'upgrade'
and 'dist-upgrade' in 'man apt-get'. You will see that the upgrade command
only upgrades things already on your system. It won't add new packages or
remove old ones - even to upgrade an already installed package. When you
get the "kept back" message, there is probably an upgrade that requires
adding things and (or) removing things.

Check what's going on, and then run 'apt-get dist-upgrade' to go ahead
and do it. The 'dist-upgrade' command is poorly named, since it's not only
for moving you from one major version of Debian to another (eg, Etch to
Lenny). My guess would be that the newer version of OO required new
packages that you didn't have installed yet.


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