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Re: apt: "The following packages have been kept back:"

On Sun, 3 Aug 2008, JW engaged keyboard and shared this with us all:
>--} I sometimes have a hard time figuring out why apt keeps certain packages
> back. --} For example the other day during an apt-get upgrade it was
> "keeping back" --} openoffice (and all the OO componant packages). It was
> not requiring any --} packages to be removed, it wasn't causing any major
> packages to be upgraded. --}
>--} How can I find out the *reason* why a package is kept back?
>--} This is all on a default Etch system - nothing peculiar about it, no
> unstable --} or backported or third party repos used, no special pinnings
> setup. --}
>--} Thanks,
>--} 	JW

Then if you do <apt-get dselect-upgrade> it will tell you any packages that 
have to be installed or removed to upgrade the package/s held back.

You may then, if you are so inclined - decline upgrading - or allow it to 

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