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Re: compiled madwifi module, how to 'reload' without rebooting

Wayne Topa wrote:

  If you spend a lot of time reading all the info on that site you'll be
able to do some real wild things.  I had an old 770 Thinkpad running as
an access point for the whole house and yard. Every linux box here (6) has madwifi cards running. The docs for this are far better then the Manuf. supply. Currently running an old 586 box as the AP because the pci card antenna has more coverage outside the house.


I see what you have done. I am running a Dlink (DWL-G520) card as an excess point using this driver. This card is installed on an old Pentium III computer which connects to my ADSL modem and acts as a router to my home LAN. The wireless LAN and wired LANs live on separate networks.

The best part is that doing this and configuring an iptables firewall has given me wonderful knowledge and insights about computer networking.

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